Harti montane Maramures

Harta Muntilor Ignis  si Gutai (sursa: http://www.tenereclub.ro
Harta Muntilor Ignis siGutai (sursa www.tenereclub.ro)

Detaliu al Hartii Muntilor Ignis (sursa www.traseemaramures.ro)Trasee montane cu plecare din Sighet si imprejurimi (sursa www.traseemaramures.ro)

Harta Muntilor Rodnei (sursa: www.tenereclub.ro)Harta turistica Muntii Rodnei (sursa www.tenereclub.ro)

Harta Muntiilor Tibles (sursa: www.karpatenwilli.com)
Harta Muntiilor Tibles (sursa www.karpatenwilli.com)

Harta Parcului National Muntii Maramuresului (sursa: www.muntiimaramuresului.ro)
Harta Parcului Natural Muntii Maramuresului (sursa www.muntiimaramuresului.ro)
Detaliu al Hartii Muntilor Maramuresului (sursa: www.traseemaramures.ro)Trasee montane cu pornire din Valea Viseului (sursa www.traseemaramures.ro)

2 Responses to Harti montane Maramures

  1. Bicu says:

    Ai postat câteva hărţi bune însă inutile deoarece la mărire nu mai sun clare.Păcat.

    • Mariaelena says:

      Amazing how much can change in such a short poried. I truly wish that your trip could have been more inspiring, though your pictures are true to the Maramures that I traveled to in 2005 and remember so fondly.I was greeted with horses and carriages, crops being cultivated by hand and an impression of a world long ago. It’s hard to believe that it has changed so incredibly much in such a short poried of time. When I visited the area I saw maybe less than a dozen cars in the three days I was there. The people were incredibly warm and many invited me into their homes and were so proud to show me around their farms. It was amazing. Another memory was when an old man stopped my car as I was driving along an old narrow and windy road with an apple orchard, he insisted I get out of the car and there we sat along a beautiful stream eating apples in the afternoon sun. The meals I had were so carefully prepared, along with the wonderful churches amongst the countryside, the wooden gates and the funny cemetery that makes a fun memory of the dead with their colorful headstones.I guess it’s all in the name of progress and really a double edge sword. I have traveled extensively and know the progress you speak of. Many say it is for the better though if you speak to the people changing they generally say the opposite. All I can say is that for people reading this post, it’s important to get out there and experience all you can before globalization takes care of their greatest enemy, simply known as diversity!Thanks for the experience!!!

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